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About Us



The Alvina Group gets its name from our founder's great-grandmother, Alvina Heine. She was a German immigrant with a strong work ethic and deep commitment to building a long-lasting community for her family. There is nothing more long-lasting than designing and building the physical and digital infrastructure that fosters the vital experiences of our world.  Alvina went through her life adapting to the dramatic changes in the world during the early twentieth century and left a legacy of navigating that change with grace and fortitude. We are inspired by her every day to help businesses move forward with the same values.

Alvina and Carl Heine



Founder & President

Kristin Mannion

Prior to starting The Alvina Group Kristin worked for a large, multi-national corporation in various roles in IT and commercial operations. She has worked both in the USA and abroad on projects to help modernize and improve the employee experience with an eye toward macro-trends and market economics. As a dedicated student to the human experience, Kristin believes in listening first and making transparent, informed decisions.

She brings her passion for STEM education, and her strong commitment to promoting women in the technology and engineering world to building an inclusive and flexible culture for all employees, partners, and community members.

Kristin graduated from The University of Notre Dame with a degree in Business Administration and Information Technology Management. She is also certified as a Lean, Six Sigma Green Belt and a administrator.